Day 2

Tonight is the second night I am spending in the hospital. Mom is getting better,  Alhamdulillah. She just can’t wait to be discharged. Her swollen foot is also recovering.

Mom is finally being able to get into deep sleep. She had sleepless night yesterday. The doctors and nurses gave her some pills to help her to sleep.

As for me, I have not sleep for two nights in a row. Wonder what keeps me awake. It’s tiresome forcing myself to sleep.


This is my bed during my stay in this hospital. It is comfortable enough,  but I get the itchiness everytime I lay down on it even though I already covered it with another layer of blanket.

p/s: He called me today. Just a short 2 minutes conversation. Enough to make me senyum sampai telinga while I’m trying to sleeping earlier tonight. Geez, bila nak betul-betul move on ni Nora oii!


Day One

Spending the night here, in the hospital. My mother is hospitalised due to her swollen foot. Not sure why, but there seems to be like an infection at her right foot. Plus with the fever and the high blood pressure and the high sugar levels in her blood.

My mum has been facing stressful long period in her life. She’s been mentally and emotionally depressed, and also physically exhausted. It’s so tough on her and I can see that she has been fighting real hard against all the odds and tests that Allah gives upon her. A massive heartbreaking to see her in this condition.


I was supposed to return to UKM tomorrow morning,  but then decided to postpone to either Saturday or Sunday.

Boleh jugak beli bisjut brownie yang sedap lazat lagi enak.

Clumsy me


              Saja gedik nak tunjuk jugak.

I accidentally cut my nail (of my pinky finger) while cutting the fruits earlier this evening. Terpotong kuku dan dalam tu sikit. Kifarah dosa agaknya,  buat dosa banyak sangat. Anyway, come to think about it, rasa macam tak padan sangat lautan dosa yang dah buat dengan sakit yang Allah kirim ni. Not that I’m wanting for more, but it hits me that Allah is so Merciful to His servants. Kita ja yang tak sayang diri sendiri.

p/s: wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I pray to Allah to keep you away from harm.

Life goal #1

I just figured out one of my life goal. My first life goal is to maintain the consistency of performing solat sunat tahajud. I know it is normal for people seek for their Creator, Allah The Almighty, whenever we’re in trouble, whenever we’re incapable of something, whenever things are out of our control.

To be honest, I am like that. But, I don’t want to always be that kind of person, whom only seek for Allah whenever things were falling apart. I want to be the kind of person that always remember and devote myself to my Creator, through thick and thin.

I want to be a better person. I wish to repent for my sins and wrongdoings to Allah and people around me. I wish I could stop hurting people around me, and most importantly hurting myself. I want to stop doing things that I know I will be hugely regret later.

I wish, I wish and I pray hard for that to come true.